Richard van Nieuwenhoven

This is my personal site where I collect the projects I am working on currently. They are base located in github and on sourceforge. This site hosts a copy of the sites of these projects under the reverse maven groupId domain.

I noticed that specially scientific Java projects have problems deploying the code to the public, and are just publishing there jars as they are. When I “need” such a project, I will try to help the developers to get the project on a public platform like sourceforge or github, and setup the system so they can deploy to the central repository.

indi4java indi4java

A Java library implementing the INDI distributed control protocol ( ). Designed to easily implement new INDI Clients (graphical and not graphical ones), INDI Drivers and INDI Servers. []

novaforjava novaforjava

novaforjava is a general purpose, double precision, Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics library. []

ptp4j ptp4j

This is a platform independent library Java library implementing the PTP/MTP/PTP2 protocol to communicate with camera devices. []

jenesis4java jenesis4java

This a republished version of the inxar tool jenesis, because the original library is not available in the internet anymore. It is a Library to generate Java 8 code using a simple to use domain object model. []

nanohttpd NanoHTTPD

NanoHTTPD is a light-weight HTTP server designed for embedding in other applications. []

nom-tam-fits nom-tam-fits

Pure java Java library for reading and writing FITS files. FITS, the Flexible Image Transport System, is the format commonly used in the archiving and transport of astronomical data. []

jwifisd jwifisd

JWiFiSD is a generic pure Java library API to access the different wifi-sd cards available on the market in a transparent way. The Java developer using the library does not have to know the specifics of the differed cards. They will be detected automatically and appropriate events are send back over the Java API. []

quickhull3d quickhull3d

This is a 3D implementation of QuickHull for Java, based on the original paper by Barber, Dobkin, and Huhdanpaa and the C implementation known as qhull. The algorithm has O(n log(n)) complexity, works with double precision numbers, is fairly robust with respect to degenerate situations, and allows the merging of co-planar faces. []

If you have such a scientific Java project, feel free to ask me for help. I will at least try to help you with examples and when the project takes my special interest I will take hand to the migration.

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